Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Rural Surveyor" Designation in Alabama

Apparently, the State of Alabama is contemplating creating a new type of surveyor that requires no background in surveying! This new surveyor would be referred to as a "Rural Surveyor". I am not sure how or if we should get involved, but I think we should support our counterparts in the State of Alabama as they fight this bill.

The following is a letter dated February 12, 2008 from Ann M. Galloway, Executive Director of the Alabama Society of Professional Land Surveyors:

Feb. 12, 2008

To: All Members of ASPLS

Fr: Ann M. Galloway , Executive Director

Re:House Bill #333 by Rep. Marc Keahey(whose District 65 covers Choctaw, Clark and Washington Counties ) was introduced in the legislature last week.

This bill would amend the BOL law relating to licensure of surveyors. This bill would allow for a "rural surveyor". This type of surveyor would not have to be licensed. This bill would limit the practice of the rural land surveyor to rural areas and municipalities with a population less than 5,000.

We believe that rural areas are just as important as any other to be properly surveyed by a licensed professional land surveyor.

This bill has been assigned to the Board and Commissions Committee.

This is a very bad bill and ASPLS opposes this bill. Please review the bill yourself. For a complete copy of this bill, go to the website of the Alabama Legislature:

Select legislation, code & constitution

Scroll down and click on Visit ALISON

On left hand side, click on BILLS

Then BILLs by Sponsor

Under House, scroll down to Rep. Keahey's name, click on his name, then Get bills on the left, scroll down to HB #333.

Click on this bill number, then up in the top red tool bar, click on VIEW, then you can print a copy of this bill.

Also in the red bar, you can click on amendments and history to get a detail about the progress of this bill.

MOST IMPORTANTLY call your Representative today and tell him that you oppose this bill because it is important that boundaries whether rural not should be located by a licensed professional land surveyor.

Ask your representative to oppose HB#333. To reach your representative, call (334)242-7600 and ask for him by name.

If you do not know the name of your legislator, you can search on the legislature website by your zip code to find out who it is.

Please email me back when you make contact to let me know if your representative agreed to vote against the bill when it comes up.

It is very important that you contact your representative now!

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