Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 2007 - Meeting Minutes

May Meeting Minutes
May 10, 2007
Andiamo Restaurant
Clovis, CA

· The meeting was called to order at 6:50 p.m.
· The Treasurer’s Report was approved, there is $3,884 in the checking account.

Representative's Report

· Bruce H. went to the state meeting in Ontario.
· 450 were in attendance at the state conference. They are looking into having a 1 day pass available for next year.
· July 31 deadline for membership roster.
· CELSOC has been asked to partner for Trigstar program.
· CLSA continues to be a strong supporter of continuing education, BORPELS strongly against making it mandatory.
· There were complaints about the LSIT exam requiring knowledge of programming.
· Board is asking individuals to submit problems and solutions for exam guide.
· Possible bowling tournament instead of golf tournament for next years CLSA conference.
· The conference auction raised approximately $30,000.
· CELSOC reported to Tom Taylor that CLSA did not comment on legal action, most notably the proposed changes to 8764.
· Possible change of paper size from 18" x 26" to 18" x 24"

GIS Committee

· ESRI is making a special attempt to get more surveyors to the conference in San Diego.
· South Carolina has seperate licensing for GIS mapper, boundary surveyor, topographic surveyor.


· Possible changes to SMA
· Owners certificate may need clarification as to whether a dedication is fee or easement. Also, it may be required to have legal descriptions of the dedications on the owners certificate.
· NCEES is pushing for continuing education, they sponser classes.
· Some people were not allowed to take the state PLS exam since they were sent to the wrong room. They were offered an opportunity to take the exam two weeks later at a different testing site.

New business

· No more proposed legal descriptions for lot line adustments in Fresno County, only the exhibit drawing will be reviewed for zoning, etc.


The speaker was Ric Moore, new staff surveyor at BORPELS.

· Board has a staff engineer for every discipline.
· LS position is a consultant.
· Ric reviews the exam application.
· Ric works with exam development committee, but does not develop exam. He also works with enforcement cases.
· Board needs contract surveyors for enforcement cases. Any LS in good standing can apply.
· Unlicensed practice is the most difficult for the board to stop. There needs to be a lot of evidence.
· Six full time enforcement analysts at the board, they are looking for one more.
· Is ag land leveling defined as surveying? It actually is defined as seperated, but it has to be for the intention of planting crops.
· TAC (Technical Advisory Committee) has not been around for 5 years because of budget issues. They did have one meeting in February and one more is scheduled.
· How is machine control for grading work different than land leveling for ag purposes? Some contractors are digitizing grading plans and hiring surveyors to do control, then the surveyors do the as builts. It is mostly used for rough rading, al else is staked by the surveyor. This is now being investigated by the board.
· Are union halls in violation of the law if they are not under direct supervision of an RCE or LS?
· Record of Survey for ALTA? Depends, if any conditions of 8762 exist, then yes.
· Maybe let surveyors file ALTA's in Miscellaneous Maps? Problem-could be evidence you need to file a record of survey.
· Is it reasonable to copyright work given to maching control contractors?
Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

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